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Are you ready to take your helmet game to the next level? 🤘

Look no further than  Biker Braids. These fun, light weight and vibrant braids can be used over and over again. The heavy-duty suction cup attachment ensures they stay in place all day long. These interchangeable helmet braids let you switch up your look on a whim. Remove one braid and add another, or add two braids to one attachment for a really bold look. The possibilities are endless! So whether you're hitting the open road on your motorcycle or just cruising around town on your bicycle, don't forget to add a Biker Braid.


Have Fun and Be Seen!!


See pictures above to see the difference between Full, Lite and Mini Biker Braids. Each order (not braid) comes with one attachment, if you need more then one attachment here is a listing for extra attachments   


Available Sizes:
#Full Biker Braids- They are bigger fatter braids that are 18" - 20" inches long and weigh 3.5 oz with attachment. These are perfect for those that want full attention from everyone around you


#Lite Biker Braids- Are smaller, lighter braids which are 18"- 20" inches long and weigh 2 oz with attachment. Good for those that just want a little bit of flair


#Mini Biker Braids- Shorter, lighter braids that are perfect to add onto a full or lite braid and are  also great for children's helmets


Mix and match Biker Braids to fit your personality.  You can attach more then one braid on the same attachment 


You can also wear Biker Braids in your own hair. Add them to a ponytail, bun or braid for added flair to your hair 


All Biker Braids are hand made with love in the USA and come in multiple colors and styles.  Because each braid is handmade, there will be slight variations. No two will be exact. Custom orders are always welcome. Message the colors you'd like 🙂


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Biker Braids - Wasaki Green & Purple

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