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Have Fun and Be Seen

 Are You Ready to take your helmet game to the next level?

You'll be the talk of the town when you ride down the street with a bright, bold helmet ponytail braid flapping in the breeze!

Let everyone know who's boss - make a statement with a Biker Braid!










Biker Braids are FUN, interchangeable hair extensions that attach to your helmet. You can mix and match braids as often as you like. Whether you're hitting the open road on your motorcycle or just cruising around town on your bicycle, don't forget to add a Biker Braid! 


Check out our Shop Page  for exclusive deals on fun, fashionable Biker Braid helmet ponytails that keep you safe by turning heads! 


You don't wear a helmet?

Not to worry, Biker Braids can also be attached to any ponytail, braid or bun by using the Biker Braids hairband

Have Fun and Be Seen...

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